UK Trade and Investment Workshop

The latest event I participated in with London Study Ambassadors was a trade and investment workshop. I was very excited for this event because I have a strong interest in international trade, and after all, I am studying business here. What was really great about the workshop was that we got to work on a case study, and you know how much employers love case studies!

We received an introduction to UK Trade and Investment Agency and some advice from a current UK trade advisor on how to help clients. And then we were turned loose! Since none of us felt particularly qualified to give advice on how to expand overseas, we all made our best attempt to read through the client’s information and figure out how to help. We then did a simulated “meeting” with the client during which we presented our suggestions.

Overall, what I gained from this experience is that I feel a little less scared of case study interviews. I’m sure that specialized knowledge can be helpful, but a lot of what we presented involved basic problem-solving skills, such as keeping the client’s goals in mind, examining their current income, and remembering which services UKTI could offer. One thing that is potentially different from other business case studies was that we were acting as government officials, so we were careful to focus on our services, rather than tell the client exactly how to run the business.

As a takeaway from this, I would say that if you are going to study business here at Middlesex, or anywhere, for that matter, it is probably to your benefit to seek out business case studies to build your own skills at interviews and in practice. I found some practice case studies on McKinsey’s site, but please let me know if you know of any other good places to find free case studies!


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