Dining Chef Ramsay Style

Most people who know me well know that I am a big fan of Chef Ramsay, so when I decided to study in London, I was really keen on going to one of his restaurants. Of course, the problem with that was I thought, ‘I can’t go because this is going to be a ridiculous dinner bill for extremely small portions!’

Luckily, however, I found the Gifts and Experiences page of his website. Okay, don’t tell me that this is still expensive because it is generally accepted that dining out usually costs more than dining in. But I found some of the prices on this page were well worth the fine dining experience.

I went to Foxtrot Oscar with a friend, and for £25 each, we each received a 3-course dinner meal. Each course was chosen from a selection of four options on a set menu. So if you didn’t like one dessert, for example, then you had three others to choose from! I chose the Kentish baby beetroot salad pictured below (apple, sherry glaze, caramelized hazelnuts, and sheep’s milk ricotta), pan fried sea bream, and a berry cheesecake.

I chose a £50 dinner deal, but there were a couple cheaper lunch options. So, in sum, if you ever want to try fine food at a fine price, then I recommend checking out what deals Chef has going on and split the price with a friend!



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