A Trip to the Underground

It felt a bit like a horror movie. We stood in pitch dark as a blast of cold air hit our faces and blew our hair back. This time London Study Ambassadors explored a part of London even Londoners never get to see – underground tube stations that had once been used as a site for war operations and that have since closed. Well, I won’t launch into a whole explanation of the history of the underground, but some things I thought were interesting to know about the tube:

First, the station map does not exactly coincide with where the stations are actually located within the city. But the map still serves its purpose well because it condenses the map into something more manageable. This is particularly important because stations are very close to each other within central London, and they would be difficult to make out if they were all clustered together on a map.

Second, transportation brings together a variety of disciplines and careers. From engineering to management to government, it is interesting to see how so many different people are responsible for the entire development of the tube.

how they used to track the timing of the trains: with tick marks

how they used to track the timing of the trains: with tick marks

Lastly, since my hometown of San Diego is a driving city, I envy the ease with which people get around so easily here. In San Diego, your mobility is severely impaired if you lack a car, so not knowing much about this topic, I wonder how this affects the poor and unemployed, as well as environmental and other issues there.

Overall, the experience of touring the underground put me in a bit of awe at the history of London and the challenges of creating and developing city infrastructure. Hopefully, you, too, have already had the chance, or will get a chance, to take a ride on the infamous London underground. And in case you need it, my blog post would not be complete without a link to the Transportation for London tube site. Don’t forget your Oyster card!

at the top of tube headquarters on 55 Broadway

at the top of tube headquarters on 55 Broadway


55 Broadway

55 Broadway



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