Ice Skating with London Study Ambassadors for the First Time Ever!

To be honest, I thought it would be lame. Everyone tells me it’s not fun to learn ice skating because you are just falling everywhere and unable to actually skate. I stayed by the wall for quite awhile, and then I started thinking of my corporate finance class – there we learned that you have to take risks to get rewards (among other things of course). That is the case with money and with everything in life. (Yes, I do make these kinds of random connections in my head quite frequently.) And so I took a risk…and walked away from the wall, after some training from the trainer.

I didn’t fall even once, which I attribute to being 4’11’’ tall. Probably easier to get my balance. And even though I was rather unsteady, I did get to glide around a bit. When you get to that point, you think, “Wheeeeeeeee…I’m gliding on ice!” I thought it was a great stress reliever, so if you’ve never tried ice skating before, I hope you’ll take that risk…and find reward 🙂iceskating22013-12-08 12.33.07


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