On the Announcement of California State Bar Results and Thanksgiving

California State Bar results are out. I am now an attorney in California!! I feel like the dancers in Pharell’s “24 Hours of Happy” video! It cost me so many tears and stress to get through that exam. I had to read multiple times “The name above appears on the pass list for the July 2013 California Bar Examination” because I couldn’t believe it. And two days later I still check the pass list to make sure my name is still there! People ask me what I am doing studying financial management, and the short answer is I choose not to throw all my eggs in one basket, especially in the tough legal market. Besides, I enjoy what I am studying.

As Thanksgiving approaches, I am reminded what one of the lecturers during bar prep said – bar applicants should feel thankful to sit for the bar exam. I have to agree wholeheartedly. While studying in London, I am very conscious of the fact that if I had been born in another country, I might not have had the same access to quality education, the opportunity to study abroad, or the opportunity to become an attorney.

So I was slightly disappointed when I foolishly looked on the academic calendar for Thanksgiving vacation dates and remembered this is an American holiday, not a British one. But even though I won’t have any vacation from Middlesex Uni or share a meal with my family, I am thankful and happy to be here, and I wish all my friends and family a Happy Thanksgiving this Thursday in the U.S. of A.


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