Dorothy, you’re not in San Diego anymore

When I arrived at London Heathrow, I attempted to listen to what the Middlesex University airport greeters were telling me, but all I could catch were their British accents. I didn’t think that going to another English-speaking country I would feel so bewildered and conscious of being a foreigner. One of the students corrected me immediately that I wasn’t going to a “school,” I was going to “university (uni)” because “school” is for elementary aged children. Good to know.

After arriving at the “uni,” I got a cab to my hostel. As I walked to the passenger side, I wondered why the driver was staring at me and standing on the passenger side as well.

“OH,” I said, looking in the window.

“Do you want to drive?” the cab driver asked.

“It’s because I’m from the U.S…and I just forgot that you guys…drive on the other side…I mean your wheel…is on the left side…I mean right side….” Sigh.

That was the end of September. Fast forwarding to now, and leaving aside the natural practicalities of moving to a foreign country, which I would like to touch on later, here I am blogging about studying in London.

The London Universities International Partnership (LUIP) is a group of universities looking to promote London as a study destination for international students. London Study Ambassadors (LSAs) are picked from each school in the partnership to blog about their experiences and to go on several trips designed to help them make the most of their time in London. The launch took place Oct. 23 at London and Partners. Below is a picture of me and my fellow Middlesex Ambassador outside London and Partners’ office. I applied to LSA for several reasons: first, because I am thoroughly enjoying London, and blogging is an interesting way of sharing that; second, I get to go on trips in London and meet other ambassadors; and last but not least, I think more Americans should be aware of the opportunities here.

After graduating law school (STILL waiting on bar results), and not wanting to wed myself to a saturated legal market, I researched online for months before I figured out that studying an MSc Financial Management for a year was an option for me. If you have feelings similar to what I described above, or if you just reeeeally like traveling, then studying in London could be the best option for you too. More on that soon. London and Partners lau


2 thoughts on “Dorothy, you’re not in San Diego anymore

  1. Hi Vanessa, you don’t know me but I know your parents very well. I went to school with both of them. They must be very proud of you. I know I am and I don’t even know you. I hope to follow you in your adventure through London. Your mom asked that we read your blog which I plan to do, so keep us posted on your daily adventure. Stay safe. Anna

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